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There is a Chinese proverb that states, “There is nothing more motivating than the bosses’ footsteps”. How do you know that your employees are treating your clients/customers the way you trained them? Would it be beneficial to see your employees in their natural habitat without your presence? A Vital Need Marketing offers video surveillance where you can watch your business LIVE via the internet on your smartphone.

We offer an exclusive mystery or secret shopper service. Where a trained individual or individuals visit your retail store, restaurant or practice and engage your employees while recording the entire interaction within the laws of each State and municipality.

We, then, compile the images or video, prepare a Custom Report and deliver to you what your customers experience every day. 

You not only read the report you actually view the entire experience.

This data then can be used in training, halting incorrect procedures and behaviors and corrective action. It can also be used to commend proper procedures and compliment exemplary personnel.
Our cast includes professionally instructed young adults, moms, seniors, business professionals –  just to name a few. Our talent encompasses a wide range to insure Our Clients’ Needs Are Met.

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