Text Marketing Services in Illinois

Now you can avail professional text marketing services in Illinois and related areas including; Naperville IL, Plainfield IL, Orland Park IL, Oswego IL and Chicago IL.

A Vital Need Marketing is one of the pioneers and specialists in Text Marketing…We were on this before others even knew it existed. We know this marketing. We know what works and what doesn’t work. We know how to craft blasts that result in the staggering redemption rates. You will hear in our testimonials videos - as our clients tell of redemption rates of over 40%.

Why Text Marketing?

Because you have a restaurant, bar, pizzeria, ice cream shop that has slow periods… and you want to send out a direct text message to your customers that offers them a special deal on a product or service you provide.

Technology has changed the way people do business. New times require NEW technology. With text marketing, in moments, your customers are sent special offers and coupons directly to their cell phones. The New York Times calls this…”The most powerful form of advertising ever invented”! With text marketing not only is your ad read over 97% -- it’s read by your best customers who WANT what you’re offering. 83% of texts are read within one hour…that’ll get rid of your slow period!

But we know Business, so we made it even simpler

We know that technology has to work for our customers so we developed a system so easy that everyone uses it. No platforms to learn, no internet connection necessary. Just text your blast to A Vital Need Marketing and your customers will receive your offer usually within 30 minutes. For example…

Little Joe’s Pizza has a bunch of chicken that they want to move…like now. It’s either sell it or toss it in the next few days.  Joe is enjoying himself on the golf course when he gets a call from Suzi his manager. “Joe we’ve got so much chicken even the Colonel couldn’t help us” she exclaims!

Joe tells Suzi, “Don’t worry - let’s do an offer…we pair it with a nice pizza pie and give our customers a good deal and a good meal.”  Within moments, thousands of Little Joe’s customers receive his special…and the phone and oven at Little Joe’s is smokin’!!

Joe gets back to his golf game, his restaurant will have a busy day! And Suzi will be delighted that she won’t have to pitch all that chicken!

You think were making this up? Call us and will give you Little Joe’s number and you can talk to Suzi yourself…

To get started in Text Marketing for your restaurant, retail business or service fill out the contact form and let’s start blasting!

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