Products Offered By A Vital Need Marketing


Google +

Google Places setup and optimization- your entire profile on Google + will be created using photos, business information and proper NAP registration. It’s critical to set up your profile to give you maximum results within the search engine. We know the inside idiosyncrasies to have Google look on us favorably. This program is ideal for clients that are looking to do something and is a good starting point.

 Programs start at $149.00 plus $25.00 monthly optimization



Google Ad Words

Congratulations! You are about to be seen at the top of Google where your product or services will have the potential to be viewed by your neighborhood or by the nation. Initial consulting in the discovery phase we will assess the product or services that you want to be distributed through the Google Ad Word platform. We will also consider Yahoo and Bing as well as other distribution channels for your Ad. We will make recommendations if your advertisement should hyperlink to your website, landing page, or lead generation page. With your team we will craft a compelling Ad that will be viewed by like-minded individuals.                            

Programs starting at $199.00 with a $25.00 monthly maintenance.



Google Ads Video

Congratulations! Now you will begin to reach the right customer and the right time with the right message! We’ll produce your  company’s personalized video introducing your product or services to your next customer. Packed with compelling video and testimonials of your product, your video will speak directly to your client’s needs. With your direction we’ll target specific customers that will become regular clients buying your products and services and become a raving fan.

 Packages starting at $299.00 plus Google Ad fees


Landing Page Creation

A complete Landing Page with text, video and automated follow up. Embedded call to action buttons, A/B testing, Analytics.

Packages start at $349.00 initial startup, then $25.00 monthly


Local SEM

Insure enhanced visibility for your company or brand in your local market area. Be secure in knowing your company is favorably listed on the network of search engines. Optimize social media to your full advantage with exposure in the area you service. This product is extremely adaptable to your specific market. We need to talk with you about this exciting opportunity so you can dominate your local market.

Packages start at $199.00 initial startup, then $75.00 monthly


Mobile Websites

Creating a website can be as simple as a several page informational site to a complex, multi-layered medical enter site. No matter the size, they should all produce leads.

This is a highly customizable service with packages stating at $499.00.

Hosting and Automated Follow-up additional.



Secret/Mystery Shopper

Using the latest technology in undercover surveillance we shop your stores, dine at your restaurants, call your CSR’s  or be a guest at your establishment.  After which a complete video diary of actual events will be delivered in a digital format that you can use in your business in a variety of ways. A custom  written report  with a complete narrative will also be delivered. This program can be a one-time visit or an extensive campaign that monitors activity for weeks. You don’t only read the report – you see the entire exchange.

Call or email for your custom quote.




Complete diagnostics performed on your site to establish weak areas. Comprehensive keyword research performed to identify best words or phrases to find your business and make you stand out in front of the others. We identify what’s relevant to your industry and implement this data to assure you come up favorably when people search.

Packages start at $199.00, with monthly rates starting at $50.00



Social Media Marketing

We monitor the social networks hand-selecting keywords relevant to your business then respond on your behalf in geo-targeted areas. We actively leverage social media circles in your favor to build the trust and credibility you want to portray. We optimize your profiles, cross-promote your business and engage your customers. We put you FIRST in the market’s eye.

Packages start at $229.00, with monthly rates starting at $79.00



Text Marketing

Technology has changed the way people do business. With our text marketing program reach your customers instantly with offers, coupons and reasons to do business with YOU! We’ll make sure your offer is read by your customers who want what you’re offering. This marketing increases customer frequency, turning casual visitors into loyal customers. We make it so easy you can be enjoying your family as you send out an offer via your personal cell phone. With staggering redemption rates, you can’t afford NOT to sign up today.

Packages start at $299.00, with monthly rates starting at $75.00



Video Marketing

Online video marketing has grown to become an integral part of social media strategies. Because we are hard-wired to be attracted to visual stimulation, video shows your customers the message you want to convey. One of our specialties, let us capture your audience’s attention and call them to action. Let us create a message you want to send with unmatched clarity and show it where your tribe gathers. Testimonial videos, How To’s, Mini-Commercials are just some of the products that we produce, shoot and edit. Take a look at our videos on this site to get an idea of the level we work at.

This package is highly customized. Call for your personal quote.